Brownwood couple giving their disabled daughter a special Halloween

Parents of wheelchair bound girl making her a special Halloween costume

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Nothing says "Do It Yourself" more than physically building a costume in the spirit of Halloween.

This is the third year Brownwood Police Officer Jayme Bowman and his wife Sarah are creating a costume for their daughter Addyson, 6, who was diagnosed with lobar holoprosencephaly. 

"Basically it's cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia," Sarah said. According to the National Human Genome Research Institute, holoprosencephaly is "a birth defect of the brain", which occurs within the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy. You can visit here to learn more on the condition.

"She was beyond the age where we could carry her door-to-door, so we had to do something with the wheelchair," Sarah said. Yet, the couple couldn't find any store-bought costumes that met that requirement.

After listening to a friend's suggestion, Sarah and Jayme constructed a frame to incorporate Addyson's wheelchair as part of her costume. Jayme said there is always pressure to do better than the year before, but he strives to make the best costume he can make it. Both Sarah and Jayme said the purpose of building the costume is to give Addyson a "normal" experience, where she can feel more like everyone else. 

"We want to do something where it doesn't stand out so much at least one day a year and this is our way to do it," Sarah said.

"Nobody notices anything but the costume, which sort of takes away from her disability," Jayme said.

Both parents said the labor of love is worth it when they see the reaction on their youngest child's face. "The joy she gets out of it...seeing her face light up, I mean, she absolutely loves it," Jayme said. 

In the past, Addyson has dressed up as Cinderella and a flower garden. This year, she will be trick-or-treating as a member from the Duck Dynasty.

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