Brownwood family talk about their parents on the 'crippled' Carnival cruise ship

Brownwood folks on stricken cruise ship to dock Thursday

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Four Brownwood residents are on the Carnival cruise ship Triumph, that is being pulled to Mobile, Alabama.

One couple, Michael and Sandra Richardson have two sons who are students at Brownwood High School.

Cody and Cory Richardson have been able to communicate with their parents only a few times between text messages, but said their parents are safe.

"Bored, but isn't too bad. No TV and only sandwiches to eat, but at least some bathrooms work. Miss y'all. Help Aunt Shell." This is one text message Cody and Cory have received from their parents since Sunday when the boys heard the news.

Since they know their parents are safe, Cody and Cory aren't too worried.

"I thought it was funny at first honestly; when she text us that she was okay and there was nothing wrong, we weren't really that scared," said Cory.

Cory said his mom was already a little hesitant about the cruise.

"She was paranoid before too, and we just watched Titanic the night before, so she was probably freaking out," said Cory.

They're glad their parents are okay, but when asked if the house will be clean when their parents get home, "Our chores that need to be done, will be done," said Cody.

The boys aren't convinced their parents will board another boat anytime soon.

The Richardson boys said their parents did not know the other Brownwood couple aboard the Triumph, Paul and Starleen Cline.

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