Brownwood Fire Department granted $35,000 for ladder truck repairs

Brownwood repairing old firetruck to save money

BROWNWOOD, Texas - On Tuesday, Brownwood's City Council approved $35,000 to get a fire truck operating properly again for the community's safety.

Brownwood Fire Chief Del Albright said that money will go toward repairing their aerial ladder truck, which is nearly 17 years old. A new truck would cost $1 million.

"These things age just like anything else," Albright said. "They'll need repairs for pulleys and cables and hydraulic systems to run the ladder, and those are absolutely needed."

Albright said their ladder truck is essential to keeping their area safe.

"It goes out on all of our calls that involve fires, and accidents within the city, any other type of rescues or emergencies other than medical ... It is a big-ticket item."

While it is heavily relied on, Albright said there are alternative engines to turn to when it is down for maintenance. He also said that repairs are expensive, but replacing the truck would cost even more. It would cost about $1 million. That is something the fire chief said he would look into in the future.

According to Albright, their trucks usually have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. He said the city will be ordering some parts for the truck, and Metro Fire in Mansfield will also be working on fixing up and certifying the truck.

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