Brownwood Guardian EMS unveils new response vehicle

Guardian EMS new vehicle

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Brownwood Guardian EMS recently purchased a life-saving vehicle that will help them help Brown County residents.

Guardian EMS paramedic Jimmy Trowbridge said he is very proud of the newest addition, a Dodge Durango.

He said it is similar to an ambulance, with the exception of transporting patients. It is equipped with a mobile command center, GPS, cardiac monitor and kits for trauma situations, among many other resources.

Although the Durango cannot transport patients, Trowbridge said it will still come in very handy.

"The advantages to having a Durango is adding manpower, a quicker response to people's needs...if a situation arose, there would be somebody there already to start treating."

That would save crew members a lot of time, especially whenever the ambulance arrives.

The Durango, which has already been utilized in several situations, will be used for all types of situations, from car wrecks to trauma incidents. It can carry extra personnel and equipment, and it serves as a mobile re-supply unit.

Trowbridge said there is a great need for the Brown County community. "We received an estimate of about 6,500 calls last year. We're always looking to strive to better our services and this is just one way we can do that."

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