Brownwood High School principal announces retirement

Brownwood principal retiring

BROWNWOOD, Texas - A change is in store for Brownwood High School (BHS). After 10 years of serving as the school's principal, Bill Faircloth recently announced he is retiring.

This news has caused bittersweet feelings among many people on campus, both faculty and students.

"I was excited for him because this is a new time in his life," said BHS math department head chair Telise Murray. "But I was a little disappointed because we're losing him."

Murray described Faircloth as wonderful and approachable. "He's always willing to listen to you. If you have any problems, he's willing to try and help you solve them. If you're having a bad day, you go sit with Mr. Faircloth. I really hate to see him leave."

"You can ask Mr. Faircloth anything and feel comfortable talking to him," said one of BHS' assistant principals Andy Gill. 

Many students said they feel the same way.

"It's helpful to have someone that wants to talk to you, and it makes it easier to talk to them," said BHS senior Chandler Staton. "I can always go to him when I'm having trouble and he just gives me encouragement and advice on how I should handle things." 

Staton said many students see Faircloth as a friend as much as a principal, and that he will be stern when it comes to discipline. 

BHS junior Brian Garcia said he is considering studying education when he gets to college so he can perhaps be a principal and influence kids the way Faircloth has influenced him.

Faircloth said he is blessed to be surrounded by good people, and he'll miss seeing the students the most. "I just want kids to know that all you have to do is have a goal, keep your eye focused on it, and the world will take care of it."

Faircloth said once he is retired, he plans to spend more time with his wife and six grandchildren. He also said students are always welcome to visit him. 

Faircloth said no outside applications were taken to fill his position, which means his replacement will be someone who already works at the school. Faircloth's replacement will be announced during Monday evening's school board meeting.

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