Brownwood High School's Lionettes kick off "Passing the Porcelain" fundraiser

'Pass the Procelain' raising money in Brownwood

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Many people in Brownwood will soon be getting a surprise when they wake up, thanks to a unique fundraiser.

As part of the "Pass the Porcelain" fundraiser, the Brownwood High School Lionettes dance team used duct-tape and spray paint to decorate a toilet which they will deliver Tuesday night to an unsuspecting Brownwood resident's front yard.

Removing the toilet will cost the resident a $20 donation. Toilet insurance, which prevents the toilet from returning or even arriving on one's yard in the first place, will cost a $15 donation. Whoever had the toilet last will get to choose who gets it next.

"I think everyone will get a kick with waking up with a toilet in their yard," BHS Lionette Alex Hetzel said.

The money raised will help the team travel to New York this November, where they will get to perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. 13 of 24 members have registered to go, each having to pay between $2,500 to $3,000.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these girls to get to go to the Big Apple and experience something only about 650 young ladies will get to experience," Lionette mom and Pass the Porcelain coordinator Rikki Bell said. "I'm sure a lot of these girls have not had the opportunity to travel much at all so this is a great honor and they earned it."

Hetzel said she's never been to or even near New York, while another Lionette Jamie Butts said she's only been to New Mexico. 

Bell said she believes the community will support the good cause. 

"We're hoping the Pass the Porcelain will go to homes of those who are willing to participate. We're hoping the citizens of Brownwood, who are proud of the Lions, will have pride in these girls and reach into their hearts and be willing to give."

"How many people from Brownwood do you know say 'Hey, I've danced in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade'? Our team's getting to do that," Hetzel said. "I'll be able to tell my kids one day, 'Yeah, your mom was on that.'

BHS' Lionettes will be holding another fundraiser on August 10th. Their payment deadline is September 15th. 

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