Brownwood ISD is one of three Texas schools to receive counseling grant

Brownwood ISD is getting more money for counselors

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Brownwood ISD is getting more money for counseling programs.

Under a Federal Education Grant, more than $1 million is going to the district over the course of three years.

The counseling grant that Brownwood ISD received was only awarded to two other school districts in Texas.

The money is meant to focus on counseling programs in Kindergarten through 6th grade.

There are five Brownwood ISD campuses that will receive the benefits of the counseling grant, all of which include grades K-6.

Kimber Bennett the Woodland Heights Elementary School Counselor said a child's early years are an important time for counseling.

"We teach them problem solving skills, we teach them about honesty, we teach them what character is, and yeah, it's important," said Bennett.

The grant money will allow Brownwood ISD to hire additional staff to expand the counseling program.

"We'll hire an additional counselor and we'll hire an additional L.S.S.P. psychologist," said Brownwood ISD Superintendent Reece Blincoe.

Out of 600 school districts that applied for the grant, 60 were chosen.

The district will receive about $370,000 this year, and to receive money for two additional years, Brownwood ISD has to meet two requirements.

"One of them is to hire more counselors and put more counseling services in our schools, and the second is to decrease discipline in the classrooms," said Blincoe.

And Bennett said discipline starts early.

"I think as elementary counselors, we help lay the groundwork; we do a lot of about choices, and consequences, and long-term thinking," said Bennett.

The grant money will also be used for additional training for existing staff, and to work with Family Services Center and Howard Payne University's counseling program.

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