Brownwood man sentenced for stealing batteries, biting employee's finger

Brownwood Man Sentenced to 7 Years for Stealing Batteries, biting a finger

BROWNWOOD, Texas - It started with him trying to steal of a $5 pack of batteries and ended with him receiving a 7-year jail sentence.

What happened in between was the biting of a store employee who tried to stop him.

Christopher Ray Bostick, 28, recently pled guilty and was sentenced to prison for a botched battery robbery that he committed during January 2013.

"You choosing to steal something, for whatever the reason might be ... there are consequences to it," Brownwood Assistant Chief of Police James Fuller said.

Police said Bostick tried to steal a $5 pack of lithium batteries from Brookshire's grocery store. The bigger offense – Bostick bit one of an employee's fingers when he fought from being restrained.

"When you commit an act of violence while committing theft, or you're trying to harm someone, that's robbery," Fuller said.

Although Fuller applauded people for jumping up to save the day, he advised people to think before they act.

"I think that citizens and employees of stores have to really think, you know, 'What is the ultimate outcome? Are you going to hurt yourself or get injured? Would you be able to support your family if you're injured?'" Fuller said.

KTXS News wanted to know what the store policies are when it comes to dealing with crime, but managers at Brookshire's said they weren't allowed to speak with the media. Corporate headquarters in Tyler have yet to respond.

When handling such situations, Fuller said police avoid using force unless necessary. He said many stores thankfully have security cameras installed nowadays, which are helpful in catching suspects.

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