Brownwood may cut off outside watering if residents don't cut back

Brownwood considers moving to stage 4 water restrictions

BROWNWOOD, Texas - If cutting back on outside watering isn't working, cutting it off completely might be the next solution.

Brownwood city manager Bobby Rountree is considering that if people don't practice more water conservation.

"It's imperative that people follow restrictions because if we don't, we'll be in Stage 4 for sure," Rountree said. Stage 4 would prohibit all outside watering. 

This is an effort to ease the drought and to help Lake Brownwood, which stands about 12 feet below its normal sea level.

Currently Brownwood's Stage 3 water restrictions allow those who have odd-number addresses to water on Mondays, from midnight to 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. to midnight. Those who have even addresses will be able to do so on Tuesdays, between the same hours. 

Anyone who waters their lawns and yards anytime other than the allotted once per week will face warnings, citations and fees.

Brownwood resident Minessa Mesic said she strongly supports conserving water. 

"I don't do any outdoor watering," Mesic said, "It's just not a priority for me to have a green lawn. If we can find a way to water our trees conservatively, that's a different matter because we need those trees but the lawn seems to me able to be sacrificed for the short term." 

The City Council and the Brown County Water Improvement District will meet in July to decide whether or not to implement Stage 4 restrictions. Deciding factors include lake levels, rainfall percentages and amount of water saved through restrictions.

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