Brownwood police investigate recent copper theft

Copper theft under investigation in Brownwood

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Brownwood police are investigating a massive theft of copper and other metals.

In an officer's report, 300 pounds of copper wire, 100 pounds of aluminum and 50 pounds of steel were stolen on Monday. It happened on Elm Oak Drive.

A similar incident was also reported Monday in the 2200 block of Durham Avenue. A suspect had cut the copper leads off of a man's welder. 

Hi-Way Scrap Metal and Recycling General Manager Harold Allgood said aluminum, copper and brass are the most valuable metals on the market. He said people tend to steal them to make money.

"It doesn't take much copper to weigh up a lot of money. It's three dollars a pound. That's why there's so much thieving going's for the price," Allgood said.

Allgood added that some people cash in on stolen metals at least once a month. 

"There's no actual way of telling whether or not they're stolen until police officers pay a visit and ask to view security footage," Allgood said. "At that point, we pull up the video, see if that person drops off whatever the police describe. If it matches, then we lose the money we made from buying whatever metal it was."

At Hi-Way Scrap Metal and Recycling, you can sell aluminum for about $1 per pound and brass for about $2 per pound. Larger amounts of metal can go for $170 to $200 per ton.

For more information, you can call (325) 646-9590.

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