Brownwood Red Cross selling property, will still have Brownwood location

Brownwood Red Cross changing locations

BROWNWOOD, Texas - The city of Brownwood is moving right along with plans to build a new fire station. They want to put it where the American Red Cross is located.

But what will happen to the Red Cross?

The city of Brownwood owns the land the Red Cross building sits on, but the Red Cross owns the building. Now that the Red Cross has accepted the city's offer to buy the building, they have to relocate.

The American Red Cross is committed to providing relief to disaster victims.

That's why when city officials decided the best spot to build a new central fire station was where the Red Cross is located, the Red Cross accepted without hesitation.

"We work hand in hand with the fire department, we have a really great relationship ensuring that the community is able to be more resilient in the face of a disaster," said Janet Karcher, executive director of the San Angelo/Brownwood Red Cross branches.

The Red Cross is dedicated to remain in Brownwood.

"We have made arrangements with another non-profit organization, in that we will be housed with them to have shared services and be able to really support the community when they are faced with a disaster," Karcher said.

That non-profit organization is Family Services Center.

"We're looking for office volunteers and so that we can continue to have the local presence that we've had in the Brownwood community," Karcher said.

Family Services Center is on Avenue B. The Red Cross will move there within 60 to 90 days.

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