Brownwood Regional Medical Center celebrates National Nurse Appreciation Week

Brownwood celebrates Nurse Appreciation Day

BROWNWOOD, Texas - It's a time to celebrate those who deal with a lot of blood, pain, sweat and tears for a living. This week is about showing appreciation to those who deal with all of that because it's National Nurse Appreciation Week.

Some of the nurses at Brownwood Regional Medical Center said they feel appreciated year-round and they owe their own appreciation to their patients.

"I feel like everybody that comes to Brownwood Regional is our family because they're usually repeat admits so they come in and know us by our names and it just seems like you're taking care of your own family," Brownwood Regional Medical Center RN Brandy Harper said, "As long as you do that, then you can't be disappointed in the job."

It's the daily ability to make a difference in somebody's life that makes the job worthwhile for Brownwood Regional Medical Center LVN Melanie Villarreal-Reichenau.

"There's always something that can be done. There's always something you can do to help somebody, even if all you can do is to ease their suffering," Villarreal-Reichenau said.

There are currently about 250 nurses at Brownwood Regional, 650 employees total.

RN and ICU director Keith Ellison said the center is very fortunate to not be understaffed, and that there is hope for the facility to grow, especially when they often work with the local graduate nursing students.

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