Brownwood restaurant in business for more than six decades

BROWNWOOD, Texas - It's a one of a kind restaurant with the smell of success and the smell of barbecue. Underwood's Cafeteria is often the first thing that comes to mind when people ask "What is Brownwood known for?"  

A cafeteria-themed, family-business-owned restaurant, Underwood's has been around since 1946. Its current location was established in 1975.  

Paul Underwood and his brother Leo are currently the third generation managers of the restaurant. Paul credited the restaurant's success to the customers.  

"When it comes to success, it comes down to people. You can't base your reputation on how long you've been around. People eat with us because of its familiarity," Underwood said.

Both local and out-of-town customers are familiar with the barbecue and fried meat that comes with many side dishes, plus hot rolls and homemade cobblers.

"Part of earning the business is making sure the food is fresh and hiring the right people who are friendly."

Underwood also said new media is becoming more of a success factor as well. "Every day there is pressure. We have to measure up to the past. We'd love to have Underwood's going for a fourth generation. That'd be really special."

There are currently 40 employees working at Underwood's. The idea started when Underwood's predecessor saw a cafeteria in Dallas. He then decided to build one of his own in Brownwood. Although there are similar barbecue cafeterias across Texas and the country, Underwood's has never been a franchise.

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