Brownwood Reunion announces September talent lineup

Brownwood Reunion entertainment lineup announced


If you've never seen the band Everclear in person, here's your chance to do so.

For as low as $25, you can see the two headliners Everclear and Texas country singer Cory Morrow, along with other opening acts, at the 13th annual Brownwood Reunion.

The Brownwood Reunion executive director Kim Peterson said the performers were selected by the public, through social media and the radio.

"This festival is about Brownwood and it's about the community and putting it on for our community and so we want to know what our community wants to see and what they want to hear," Peterson said.

Peterson said about 400 people voted in a Facebook poll.

According to Peterson, the Brownwood Reunion celebration usually attracts as many as 35 thousand people a year, which helps boost the economy. 

"People plan their trips to come here. We have had people from Russia, Germany and England. Our hotels will be sold out. You know, people will be here eating in the restaurants and spending their money here in our community and helping our businesses here."

The reunion celebration is scheduled for September 20th through September 22nd, and it is free.

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