Brownwood's Air Evac reacts to new details in Amber Lowery's case

Former co-workers of missing Comanche County woman speak out about human remains found

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Amber Lowery's former coworkers were shocked and at a loss for words when they heard Wednesday's announcement regarding human remains found on Mike Lowery's property near Rising Star.

Comanche County Sheriff's deputies revealed the remains were discovered Tuesday night as they were searching for Amber's body. They have yet to confirm the identity. 

"I don't think there's words for what we felt," Brownwood Air Evac program director Bobby Brinson said. "I think all of us are still in shock that this is the reality of it. You hear about it on the news every day, but you would never think it would happen to someone that you know. It's tough for us as a family at work."

Brinson worked with Amber for about a year. He said Amber loved her job and was a great employee. He described her as vibrant and happy, despite the negatives she faced at home. "I think the situation she was in at home is an example of how brave she was. She was selfless to the community and to her kids."

Brinson also added that Amber was not mentally unstable at all. He said he was infuriated when Amber's husband, Mike, painted that inaccurate picture to the media.

Mike Lowery is charged with her murder. He is in the Comanche County jail with bond set at $1 million.

Their two kids are currently in Child Protective Services while Amber's family is working on getting custody. If you would like to show your support, you can donate at

Brinson said he and the Air Evac crew will be doing something in the near future to honor Amber.

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