Campaigners grab attention during early voting in Brownwood

Brownwood early voting underway

BROWNWOOD, Texas - If you're heading to the Adams Street Community Center, one of the polling locations, it's kind of hard to miss a small group of people campaigning for their state representative candidates.

"What we're trying to do is spread a positive message," said Evan Autry, campaign manager for Jim Keffer. "We're waving our signs, we're greeting people, and if somebody has a question for us, we're more than happy to answer."

Just several feet away from Autry were campaigners for Cullen Crisp. All of them had to be at least 100 feet away from the voting area.

"It's good to see that people aren't just being solicited," said campaign volunteer Gregory Harrison. "They're seeking out information to make sure that their decision is educated."

"We're here to give people all the information because sometimes that's hard to come by," said Justin Newman, campaign manager for Cullen Crisp. "I really enjoy seeing people get out and get involved because that's the only way we're going to change the future and landscape of Texas."

Brown County Elections Administrator Suzy Young said this is the first time she has seen political campaigners outside of the community center. She said they have the right to be there as long as they don't cross the distance marker.

"This race for House District 60 has never been so closely contested and so that's why we're seeing a lot more activity out here," said Harrison.

Harrison said everyone has been civil with one another. However, Young said she's had to "put out some fires" the other day. 

"It's nothing personal, but I don't have time to make sure they're following the guidelines and restrictions," Young said. "I just want everybody to be respectful. Most people, if they're coming to vote early, already have their minds made up. Unless you can throw a shock into the crowd during the early voting or election day time, they're not going to change their mind."

"Whether or not they support my candidate or the opposition, I just hope everyone can get out and vote and have a voice," said Kendra Clardy, with Keffer's campaign.

The campaigners plan to be waving signs and informing the community from now throughout election day which is March 4th. The last day for early voting is Feb. 28th. Remember to bring a photo ID.

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