City of Brownwood one step closer to new central fire station

The city of Brownwood looking to purchase the Red Cross building

BROWNWOOD, Texas - In this week's city council meeting, council members authorized City Manager Bobby Rountree  to make an offer on the American Red Cross building.

That is where the new station will be built.

The city went ahead and made an offer on the American Red Cross building, even though they don't plan to use it. 

Brownwood firefighters have long outgrown their over 40 year old fire station. There is one thing that stands in the way of building a new one: the American Red Cross building.

The city would demolish the building to build the new central fire station.

"We will build the new central fire station on the same footprint of the American Red Cross building where it's located now," said City Manager Bobby Rountree.

The building sits on land owned by the city.

"The Red Cross owns the building. They have a 50 year lease on the land, and the lease was signed back in 1980, so they have approximately 17 or 18 years left on the lease," said Rountree.

Rountree offered a purchase price equal to the building's appraised value.

As for keeping a Red Cross building in Brownwood?

"They've already said they've found a new location, so our assumption is that they're going to be willing to sell the building," said Rountree.

Blueprints have been made for the new central fire station.

We contacted the head of the American Red Cross for the Brownwood location, and have not heard back.

In September, city council members voted to build a new fire station along Congress Avenue near East Chandler.

The project is funded through certificates of obligation as part of a $10.75 million city improvement project.  Rountree said a new central fire station could be built by next year.

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