College spring break impacts at least one Brownwood business

BROWNWOOD, Texas - College students, rejoice! It's spring break week. Most college students in Texas are officially on spring break, and many are hitting the road.

Before college students head to the beach for spring break, many of them tan to prepare.

One business in Brownwood expects a decline in business when the students head out.

Nathana's Tanning and Hair Studio can certainly tell when the Howard Payne students leave town.

Many Howard Payne students are leaving Brownwood this weekend for a more tropical place, but leading up to spring break they get their tan on.

"A lot of our business is Howard Payne students. We just did a special, they bought a month and they got the second month half off, and we did it for Howard Payne, only Howard Payne," said Tonya Lindeman, Owner of Nathana's Tanning and Hair Studio.

Nathana's Tanning and Hair Studio has had a steady flow of students for months.

"They're getting ready for spring break, so they'll start coming in January," said Lindeman.

But, come Monday, "It'll basically go from us having two people here working to one person, because all the Howard Payne students are gone so our business completely slows down," said Lindeman.

So, what does Nathana's do to make up for the lack of business?

"Take a break! We just kind of take a break. It's great that they're here because it's a lot of business, but it's nice when they're gone because we'll take a break," said Lindeman.

The nice thing about college students, they always come back.

"They'll come back after spring break and then we'll have them for all of their formals, and then after their formals we'll go into graduation," said Lindeman.

Classes resume for HPU students on Monday, March 18.

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