Community upset over stolen Zephyr historical landmark sign

Historical landmark sign disappears from Brown County town

BROWNWOOD, Texas - A community is upset over the loss of a historical marker that shows the original location of Zephyr from back in the 1860s.

The sign was only up for seven weeks before it was reported stolen. Now all that remains at Blanket Creek is an empty pole and a disheartened community.

"I just wish they would return it to us and get it back," said Jimmie Luedecke, vice president of the Zephyr Historical Commission.

The sign cost more than $600, partly raised from a grant, partly from community fundraisers.

Luedecke said people need to be more respectful and considerate. He said he did not understand the motive, but he would not press charges.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Brown County Sheriff's Office at (325) 646-5510.

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