Disaster relief chainsaw team sharpens skills at Heart of Texas Baptist Camp

Baptist men chainsaw training near Brownwood

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Chainsaws are flying in Brownwood.

The Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief Chainsaw Team is spending the week sharpening their skills on Lake Brownwood.

They use these skills to clean up areas struck by natural disaster.

This particular disaster relief group is called to disaster areas all over the United States.

This week they are at the Heart of Texas Baptist Encampment learning more on how to cut trees and clear debris left from natural disasters.

"We can generally help them get ready for the summer camps that they'll have for the young people," said State coordinator Duane Bechtold.

The group only trains once a year, so this type of hands on learning is important.

"To get the advance training, that's going to be using the ropes and pulleys and other equipment, we only do that once a year," said Bechtold.

They practice sawing off dead tree branches using gloves, protective masks, and plenty of man power to do the job safely.

This is a non-profit group, made up of volunteers who enjoy helping others in need.

"We're there because we believe God loves them ad God loves us, and He sent us there to be a helper during a time when they're really, really in distress," said Bechtold.

Each year, the group trains for a week at different locations around the state.

They will complete their training in Brownwood on Friday.

The group cleans up areas after tornadoes, ice storms, and hurricanes strike. They have helped during Hurricanes Ike, Rita, Katrina, and Super Storm Sandy.

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