Drought, drilling and water sources continue to be a hot topic in Brown County

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Many people in Brown County are thinking positively despite the negative results in rainfall and lake levels.

The Brown County Water Improvement District board member Dennis Graham was the guest speaker at the Brown County Republican Women's meeting Friday, where he spoke optimistically about water conservation and potential new sources of water.

"We'll make it. We're going to get through this," Graham said. "The future of Brownwood is bright."

Graham said Brownwood is blessed even though Lake Brownwood is currently at 48% capacity because many lakes in West Texas are in worse conditions.

Drilling a test well in Brownwood is underway to find an alternative source of water. "We feel confident we will find water, but the quality and volume of the water is unknown," Graham said. 

Drilling will go on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Graham said crews are drilling as deep as 3,800 feet. "We need at least 500 gallons of water to have a significant well." If the test well does not produce the desired results, Graham said there is an alternative drilling site closer to San Saba.

Another option Graham mentioned at Friday's luncheon was underground brackish water. There is an estimated four billion acres of it in Texas alone. However, the cost of water treatment would be more expensive.

"The only way to save water is through conservation. The community has been doing a good job at keeping with the Stage 3 restrictions."

Graham created a list of 100 ways to conserve water, both indoors and out. Here are some general tips:

-Check water meter to make sure all water is off and there aren't any leaks

-Run washing machines and dish washers only when they're full

-Wash cars on the lawn so the lawn gets water at the same time.

-Use drip irrigation for shrubs and trees to apply water directly to the roots where it is needed.

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