Early voting in Brown County, increased tax rate on Blanket ballot

Brown County prepares for the beginning of early voting

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Monday marked the first day to vote early in the state of Texas.

From now until November 1st, Brown County residents can do so at the Adams Street Community Center.

Brown County elections administrator Suzy Young said early voting is easier and more convenient. "The best thing about early voting for this county is the fact that I have a door that walks right out into the early voting room, so if there's any problems that the voters have, they can come in here and we can deal with them then."

Young said Blanket might see a bigger voter turnout this year because of its bond election.

Blanket residents will decide whether or not to pass the $3,700,000 bond proposition, which would be used to create newer and more modern facilities for the school district. Passing it would mean an increased tax rate by 30-cents for Blanket ISD.

"We are hoping to get a new gym/classroom right in the center of the campus..." Blanket ISD principal Damon Wilson said. "Right now our junior high science teacher is in our old Home-Ec room and it's not bad, but we'd like to move her into a real science classroom."

Principal Wilson said the current gym is being shared by seven different teams for sports, and more space would not only accommodate the current students, but also draw in prospective students.

He added that the money would also be used to build outdoor bathrooms by the rodeo arena.

"The money would modernize a lot of our stuff around here. We've got a great facility already. It'd just make it even better."

Blanket residents can vote on the bond at the school's administration office. If you choose to not vote early, you can vote on November 5th in your precinct. Here is a list of where to go on the actual voting day.

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