Employees terminated, management changed at Brownwood's Heartland Mall

Heartland Mall in Brownwood under new managment

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Heartland Mall has a new property manager – and with that change came several firings.

Maintenance, custodial and office workers were fired Tuesday along with the management change.

Former employees were shocked when they heard the news, but remain optimistic that they will get their jobs back.

Charlotte O'Connor came to Heartland Mall Wednesday, like she would everyday, but not to work. She came to reapply for a job she had the day before.

Eleven people lost their jobs at Heartland Mall, but they were given the chance to reapply to their former positions Wednesday.

Tuesday, former Heartland Mall manager Charlotte Parrack got the news she no longer had a job, which meant the 10 people she employed were also terminated.

"It was devastating for those of us that got fired with no notice, and everybody was in chaos. Everybody was crying and hugging. Nobody knew what was going to happen next," O'Connor said.

Eric Lamb and Rocky Martinez, former maintenance workers, were also reapplying for their old jobs Wednesday.

Lamb recalled how he felt when he heard the news.

"Well, it kind of made me a little mad at first, but when I realized I could come reapply and that it wasn't my fault, it was better," Lamb said.

New property manager Brittany Edwards is confident about Heartland Mall's future.

"I'm really excited to really learn about each individual business in the mall, and learn how we can help grow and bring more traffic in," Edwards said.

Security National is the company that owns Heartland Mall, and Edwards said the company wanted to make changes.

The changes are just administrative. Shoppers will most likely not notice any changes with their favorite stores. In fact, Edwards said she hopes to add more.

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