Farm equipment theft a problem in Brown County

Farm equipment stolen in Brown County


From tractors to plows to hay cutters, all pieces of farm equipment are valuable. 

Brownwood resident Larry Norris said he mainly relies on his tractor, which comes in handy especially during hay season. He said tools like this make the agricultural life easier rather than having to put his back and arms into it.

For those who heavily use their supplies, it can be a devastating loss when their expensive pieces of equipment are stolen. Norris said there is enough to worry about without adding the stress of having to buy replacements. 

"It's a struggle to make ends meet every day and every year. We've been in this long, hard drought all these years, and that's been so tough on everyone." 

Norris was disheartened when he heard the news earlier this week about a local man's arrest for stealing farm equipment in the town of May.

"It's just a shame we've got people that go around looking for stuff to steal, and take and sell and make a hardship on people. All of that stuff costs a lot of money nowadays and it's very valuable to everyone and we just want to hang on to it."

Norris said farm equipment cost as much as $300,000, depending on the item and size.

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