FEMA floodplain maps for Brownwood could mean more people need flood insurance

New floodplain maps being reviewed in Brownwood

BROWNWOOD, Texas - FEMA has came of up with new floodplain maps for Brownwood.

Monday, realtors, lending institution representatives, and residents who live near a body of water were invited to see the maps at City Hall.

For anyone wanting flood insurance, these maps allow lending agents to determine rates for those who live in the flood plain.

Brownwood floods for two main reasons. One, Brownwood sit at the lower end of a plateau, and two, the majority of Brownwood is flat, leaving water few places to go.

With the new FEMA floodplain maps, it is better for residents to act sooner rather than later to get flood insurance.

"If they're not in the designated flood plain now, then they have about a year to get the best rate. If they wait until the map comes out in about a year, then the rate is substantially different," said Brownwood City Engineer Donald Hatcher.

Businesses are also impacted.

"Commercial buildings have two options, they can either flood proof, or  they can elevate their pad above it," said Hatcher.

FEMA is giving the city 30 days to make comments regarding the maps.

These maps will not get the final approval from FEMA for several more months.

Visit for more information and to view the new floodplain maps.

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