Flu season has hit the Big Country and Heartland with full force

An alarming number of people with the flu in the Big Country

BROWNWOOD, Texas - The flu has hit Brown County.

The virus kills people all over the U.S. each year.

Right now, we are in the peak of flu season. January is typically the worst month for the flu virus.

Last week alone, there were 175 reported flu cases in Brown County, and even though that seems high, officials said that number is average for this time of year.

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Jodie Armstrong said the numbers will be higher when school is in session.

"We would probably have another 30 to 50 (cases) if schools were reporting that week," said Armstrong.

Armstrong said our numbers are typical, but our coverage has quadrupled.

"We have CVS, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart, and so many more physicians that are providing the flu vaccination, as well as the Brownwood-Brown County Health Department. I feel like if that were not the case, we would be seeing huge numbers," said Armstrong.

One common misconception the health department wants to clear up, is that pregnant women can get a flu vaccination.

"They cannot get the nasal mist because it is a live virus, they can get the flu shot; it's perfectly safe. In fact, those antibodies will pass over to the baby; babies can't get a flu shot until their six months old," said Donna Miller L.V.N., Outreach Specialist.

The Brownwood-Brown County Health Department still has plenty of flu vaccinations left for anyone who hasn't gotten one.

Armstrong said even though we are in the peak of flu season, getting a flu vaccination is still the best way to protect yourself.

For information on flu shots from the Brownwood-Brown County Health Department , call 325-646-0554 or visit .

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