Friends reflect on Brownwood woman's life, prepare for funeral

Support growing for family and friends of missing Brownwood woman

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Fundraising efforts are already being organized for Michele Reiter's family.

Brownwood police said Reiter's body was found Monday in Coleman County.

Those close to Michele said she loved her children and was planning a trip to New York to visit her family soon.

Now they are doing what the can to help Michele's family.

Michele Reiter's roommate, Dennise Worrell, reported Michele missing on September 11.

Friends and volunteers conducted two ground searches, and the Department of Public Safety completed an aerial search.

It all came to an end Monday morning.

"Several law enforcement agencies responded to a remote location in Coleman County. We did find the remains of a female body; we believe that to be Michele," said Brownwood Chief of Police Mike Corley.

However, an autopsy has not been completed for final confirmation, but those close to Michele reflect on her life.

"She was a good mother, really good mother. She loves her children to death. She was getting ready to take a vacation to go see her family in New York, and was very excited about that," said roommate Dennise Worrell.

Friends are now organizing fundraisers to help with funeral and other expenses for Michele's family.

"This community has been great in the past with other fundraisers, so I feel like that they will do the right thing and help with this tragic loss," said organizer Erocia Poindexter.

Poindexter did not know Michele personally, but was good friends with Michele's roommate Dennise Worrell.

"I saw the posts on Facebook, and it really concerned me that someone in my community, actually right down the street from me, had come up missing," said Poindexter.

Poindexter helped organize the two searches for Reiter that attracted 60 volunteers.

There will be a BBQ sandwich lunch this Saturday, September 29, at the Bruner Toyota and Chevrolet dealerships.

The fundraiser will begin at 10 a.m. and last all day.

Each plate is $6 and extra donations will be accepted.

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