Good Samaritan Ministries holds fundraiser to fight hunger

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Brownwood's Good Samaritan Ministries (GSM) is raising awareness and funds one bowl at a time.

The non-profit organization held its 5th annual Empty Bowls Project at the Brownwood Coliseum Thursday, its largest fundraiser of the year.

For a minimum donation of $10, people can get a small bowl of soup with some bread and water.

"They get to take their bowl home with them as a reminder of all the empty bowls that exist in our community and around the world," said Angelia Bostick, GSM executive director.

The purpose of this event is to allow the community a taste of what families in poverty consume on a daily basis.

Mandi Moore said she wanted her kids to learn a lesson in not taking things for granted. "I wanted to help them realize that for some people, finding food is a struggle."

Early High School senior, Brittani Pruett, painted some of the bowls with her art class. Although that was a fun part of the experience, she said the bigger picture is to be appreciative.

"I'm lucky to be able to even have this much food," said Pruett. "I wish that other people can have as much food as I get to have on a daily basis...Not everyone's as lucky as we are and I think a lot of people don't realize that."

Bostick said she hoped folks left the event feeling a little hungry. That feeling should serve as a reminder that there are people who deal with that hunger every day.

"It's amazing to see the community come out," said Bostick. "It's just a tapestry. You know, a mosaic, a quilt, a symphony...different pieces and parts all coming together to make beautiful music and to make our community better."

GSM raised $24,742.50 from the event, exceeding last year's record of roughly $16,000. More than 900 diners were in attendance, and 19 restaurants participated. 90% of the donations will benefit the local community and 10% will be given to an international organization that fights world hunger.

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