Guardian EMS prepares for winter

Brownwood EMS trying to stay safe to keep others safe

BROWNWOOD, Texas - While many places across the Big Country closed on Friday because of weather, there were many people who still had to show up for work, such as emergency responders.

Not only do emergency responders have to show up for work, but their job requires them to drive around town.

Guardian EMS paramedic Jimmy Trowbridge said his crew members have to think about their safety even when it comes to helping others.

"We're constantly reminding the crews to slow down," Trowbridge said. "It may take a little longer but if we have an accident it's going to take twice as long to get there then."

"We make sure all of our vehicles are ready," Guardian EMS paramedic Tara Newton added. "And that everybody's equipped with the right clothing."

Trowbridge also said they try not to turn on their sirens as much so they don't distract drivers who may be on the road. 

If it is necessary to travel in this type of weather, Trowbridge advised people to reduce their speed limit, and to ease off of the accelerators instead of hitting the breaks if roads gets slippery. Also, make sure the car is fueled up. "You'll have heat if you're stranded and it will help get any ice off of your car."

His ultimate advice is, "If you don't have to go out, don't go. I can't stress that enough."

While kids may enjoy a "snow day", they should also stay indoors.

"We have had some accidents with the children enjoying the environment today. Icy driveways look fun, but unfortunately they're dangerous as well. Broken arms, head injuries...stay off the ice in general," Newton said.

Guardian EMS said they tend to see increases in accidents during winter storms so they want everyone to be cautious yet calm.

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