Guests speakers address the lack of accessible units in brownwood

Brownwood community learns how to get help on making homes handicap accessible

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Thursday people gathered at the Family Service Center in Brownwood to discuss the lack of handicap accessible homes. Brown County has seven nursing homes and three assisted living facilities, some with waiting lists. 

"It's a problem especially for rural areas for lower income people and elderly and handicap people," said Cheryl Reed, area specialist for USDA Rural Development in Abilene, "there's a limited number of resources there's a limited number of income and opportunities available to them."

The USDA Rural Development offers two loan programs for people in need of handicap accessible homes. One is for home ownership where they will receive a no down payment loan at a 3.625 interest rate to either purchase a home or repair a home to make it handicap accessible. There is also one for very low income to repair for health and safety hazards or handicap accessibility.

"Well most of our housing especially our government housing there is a long waiting list for and like our low income folks have a real difficult times getting into those places that they need to get into so we have a need for that," said Janie Harper, executive director of Redstone Park assisted living, "we just hope that we can get more housing here in Brownwood that will meet our low income and our handicap accessible need that we have here and get rid of some of these waiting list that we have."

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