Head Start comes to the Brownwood School District

BROWNWOOD - Head Start is a program not only to educate children but parents as well. The program's goal is to get the children ready for kindergarten. 

The money for this program comes from a grant that was awarded to Region 14 and 15 to serve the Brown County school districts.

"The grant will cover most of the costs of the Infant and Toddler Head Start and Head Start and then we will be able to turn in the average daily attendance which will be 60 to 70 kids which in the state formula that could bring in close to $300,000 for Brownwood ISD" said Dr. Reece Blincoe, BISD Superintendent.

Head Start will have to hire people soon so the Brownwood ISD administration office is hosting a job fair July 2 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The people hired will become apart of the BISD family Blincoe said.

"We'll be able to put our curriculum in we'll be able to be over the teachers that are teaching the curriculum making sure that it's being taught correctly they will be coming to all of our training and all of our in services" said Blincoe.

While there is a waiting list for this program if you did want to become a part of it you can go to any of the Head Start facilities and give them your name to be put on the list.

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