Housing survey to determine need in Brownwood

BEDC creates housing survey to determine housing needs in Brownwood

BROWNWOOD, Texas - When it comes to housing in Brownwood, many say there aren't enough options.

Major employers hire young professionals but struggle to keep them, because often they are unable to find a suitable place to live.

The Brownwood Economic Development Corporation is doing something about it.

The BEDC has come up with a short housing survey for those who live or work in Brownwood to identify what type of housing is needed.

"Housing and the lack of adequate housing for new professionals who are moving into the Brownwood area was given to us as a major concern from most of our major employers," said BEDC Director Emily Crawford.

The survey will hopefully pinpoint Brownwood's housing needs.

"We posted the survey on Monday, and with only just a few days of being out in the public, we had about 325 responses," Crawford said.

If buying a house isn't what you're looking for, an apartment can be hard to come by.

"That is generally the biggest concern that we hear, is the lack of apartment availability, especially newer apartments for those who do not qualify for income restricted units," said Crawford.

Leslie Oldengarm moved to Brownwood for a position at the hospital. It took her two weeks to find an apartment, forcing her to commute over 100 miles a day to get to and from work.

"I was finding most of them were full, some of them were income restricted, and that they didn't have any available," said Oldengarm.

The housing survey will hopefully allow more people to call Brownwood home sweet home.

The survey is available in paper form and electronic form until February 11.

Survey results will be provided to builders, developers, and real estate professionals.

Visit http:// to fill out the online survey.

To fill out a paper survey, contact the BEDC at 325-646-1637, or by emailing Paper surveys may be turned in to the BEDC office located in City Hall at 501 Center Ave., or the Brownwood Area Chamber of Commerce at 600 Depot St. by February 11.

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