Howard Payne campaign hopes to raise millions for university improvements

HPU to construct two new buildings on campus

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Howard Payne University's "A Call to Send" campaign is a 10-year, $65 million campaign with Phase I currently in the works.

About $5 million has been raised thus far, university officials said.

The first phase, costing $18 million, includes the construction of two new buildings.

First, a Welcome Center – described as much needed by university officials – will be constructed on campus.

"We need a place to bring our prospective students to the campus, where they're comfortable and they'll recognize from the facilities the high-quality of the education programs that we have here," HPU President Bill Ellis said.

When describing the Welcome Center, "It's going to be one of those landmarks in the community, where if someone has a visitor coming to town and they want to show off their community, they're going to bring them to Howard Payne and show them this Welcome Center," Ellis said.

Also in phase I, along with a Welcome Center, an Education Building will be added to the campus.

"We hope to begin construction [on both buildings] in two or three years," Ellis said.

More scholarship funding is the third part of Phase I.

"Well, we're going to our alumni certainly, and friends of the university who have been really generous to the university overtime; we're working with foundations." Ellis said.

According to Ellis, the Welcome Center will be "one of the most significant buildings that's been built in Brownwood in a long time, and we'll view it as a building that the community will be a part of."

The next two phases of the campaign will include several new buildings, including new dorms, and possibly a science building and business building.

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