Howard Payne University kicks off Resurrection Week

BROWNWOOD, Texas - With Good Friday and Easter Sunday right around the corner, Howard Payne University in Brownwood kicked off Resurrection Week Monday. 

Each year, the University hosts the Spring Revival with a featured guest speaker before Easter. 

"It celebrates the most important part of our faith and that is that Jesus died, but more importantly than that, he rose," said Chapel Coordinator Corey Ash.

Monday morning, students gathered in Mims Auditorium for worship led by the Nick Gainey Band, followed by a lesson led by speaker David Burk.

Burk is the founder and president of Total Surrender Evangelistic Association, Inc., in Arlington.

"It seems like students now days want somebody that kind of cuts to the chase and tells them how it is, and he does that," said Ash.

Jacee Cunningham, an HPU Senior, said the students appreciate the week of rest and reflection.

"You have school, you have classes all the time, this is just a week of rest that I think is a time to hear from God, to get your distractions aside and just hear what He has to say," said Cunningham.

Resurrection week services last until Wednesday.

Services will be held at 7:30 Monday night, 10 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, and Wednesday at 10 am.

All services are open to the public located in Mims Auditorium on HPU's campus.

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