Howard Payne University working to make sure students are safe on campus

Campus security a priority at Howard Payne

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Howard Payne University's Department of Public Safety officers met with the incoming freshmen on Friday to talk about campus safety. Director of Public Safety Dr. Paul Lilly said while HPU has a low crime rate they want to make sure it stays that way.

"We also don't just patrol the university," said Lilly "We also patrol the streets and businesses immediately adjacent to the university because 90% or better of their traffic is going to be university related."

Last year HPU had two arrests on campus, both alcohol related. The department also provides escort service to the students who want it. 

"If they have any concerns they can call us and officers will walk with them or give them a ride to their car or to their dorm or wherever it is that they need to go within reason," said Lilly. 

The department also works hand in hand with the Brownwood Police Department.

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