Kids show off animals at 62nd Brown County Youth Fair

Brown County youth fair underway

BROWNWOOD, Texas - The 62nd annual Brown County Youth Fair was filled with people and livestock on Wednesday.

One of the fair's superintendents in the livestock division, Amanda Smith, said this is a chance for kids, ranging from 9-year-old's to high school seniors, to show off their agricultural skills and learn some responsibility.

"The kids have to be really dedicated," Smith said. "You have to feed them, exercise them, wash them...clip their hair, give them vaccinations. I mean, it's pretty much an everyday job. I think it's a good thing for any kid just to get involved with. There are kids that sports may not be their thing but they can get really excited about this."

This event also gives many of the kids a chance to earn money. Smith said the top 75% of each class of all 'Market Animals' will qualify for the Saturday evening premium sale, where people bid money on the kids they favored.

For contestant Rode Walters, the reward of competing in the youth fair goes beyond money and ribbons.

"My dad has been doing this his whole life and my dad's a big role model," Walters said. "He's been wanting me to do it for awhile. It's a chance for us to bond like when we walk the pig every day."

He said all of the work that goes into breeding and training their farm pets is worthwhile.

According to officials, 478 exhibitors participated this year. There were 941 entries in the livestock division and 965 entries for the home-economic division.

"I just love seeing the kids get excited about winning and being successful with something that they put a lot of heart into," Smith said.

The Brown County Youth Fair runs through Saturday, Jan. 11th. For more information, visit

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