KTXS News replaces stolen historic landmarker for Zephyr

Zephyr replaces stolen historical marker

ZEPHYR, Texas - One gift can have a big impact on a small town. The Zephyr Community Historical Association is filled with endless gratitude after recently receiving a generous donation from KTXS News.

"It was a very unexpected surprise," the association's vice president Jimmie Luedecke said.

A couple of months ago, the Zephyr Community Historical Association put up a historical marker that was only standing for two months before it was reported stolen. 

KTXS vice president and general manager Bud Brown saw the story and decided to purchase a replacement for the association.

"We were very grateful," Luedecke said. "This is something that we'd just never dreamed would be happening. We figured we would have to go through another fundraiser to be able to raise money to repurchase the sign, so this was a blessing in disguise."

The sign cost a little more than $600. The marker is important in the sense that it helps preserve history for the youth and it shows the original location of Zephyr from back in the 1860's.

The old sign still hasn't been found or returned. 

"it would be nice to know that somebody realized they'd done something wrong and to try to make amends," Luedecke said.

The association's president Nola Sweatman said that's in the past and they are all happy to have a new sign.

"We are very thankful and we'll try to take better precautions in the future where we put it so that it'll be safer," the association's president Nola Sweatman said.

The association's treasurer Myrna Wright said the sign will be put up in a less isolated location in the hopes that history doesn't repeat itself. The final destination for the new sign will be determined after they meet with a Brown County commissioner.

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