Overnight rain's impact on Lake Brownwood

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Many people in Brown County are happy for the rain they got but Lake Brownwood needs more to survive.

A couple of the residents who live by the lake said they received between three to five inches of rain overnight.

"This morning I woke up, I saw that we'd had some rain and was very excited about it," Lake Brownwood resident David Withers said. "For us to have three inches of rain, at least where I'm at, in the month of July, is fantastic." 

Paul Underwood also lives by Lake Brownwood. "We haven't seen a rain like this in so long. We get a tenth of an inch here, a tenth of an inch there so to get something with three to five inches of rain is just an answer to prayers."

The Brown County Water Improvement District general manager Dennis Spinks said the lake has risen by about three to four inches as a result of the rain between Sunday evening and Monday afternoon. However, the lake has not received much runoff from the watershed because the ground has been soaking it all up. 

"We're hoping once we get this three inches here, maybe another few inches there can slowly, surely fill that lake back up," Withers said.

Lake Brownwood is currently at 48% capacity. At full capacity, it would hold about 38 billion gallons of water. Brown County is currently under Stage 3 water restrictions. The board will meet in August to discuss whether or not to implement Stage 4 water restrictions, which prohibits all outdoor watering.

Brownwood Emergency Management Coordinator Brent Bush said it is too soon to tell whether or not more rain will result in flooding, but if so, there are contingency plans and disaster shelters ready.

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