Police: More patrolling in Brown County for New Year's Eve

BROWWOOD, Texas - New Year's Eve is one of the busiest days for liquor stores and for police.

Brownwood police will be enforcing no refusal holiday, which means if a person refuses to provide a breath or blood sample, the officer will get a search warrant, take the person to the hospital, and get a blood sample.

The New Year celebration is so close you can taste the champagne, literally.

Alcohol sales are up, and police are ready to keep the streets of Brown County safe.

"In Brown County, we have the no refusal holiday basically everyday. Every law enforcement agency, through the prosecutions, even the judges are all willing to sign the search warrants for blood, so we really take an aggressive stance," said Brownwood Assistant Police Chief James Fuller.

There will be more officers on the streets, as well.

"The state troopers will have plenty of troopers out, the sheriff's office likewise as well for the evening, and we'll have a full staff plus a couple of extras," said Fuller.

Depot Liquor in Brownwood has stayed steadily busy Monday, selling beer, wine, liquor, and of course, champagne.

Manager Josh Hobson said as expected, sales are up at Depot Liquor.

"Yeah, it's the busiest time of the year, it probably doubles," said Hobson.

Police said to use caution on the roads Monday evening, and always have a sober driver if you plan to consume any alcohol.

Less than three DWI's in Brown County, is a misdemeanor charge; more than three DWI's is a felony charge.

Intoxicated manslaughter is always a felony charge in Brown County.

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