Purple Heart recipients come to Brownwood for trophy hunt

Purple Heart recipients come to Brownwood for trophy hunt

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Three Purple Heart recipients from Texas came to Brownwood Friday.

The Texas Chapter of the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation arranged a trophy hunt for the three veterans.

The community lined the street of FM 45 across from the National Guard Armory to show support to the veterans when they drove by.

The veterans had no idea the Brownwood community would be along FM 45 when the drove by.

The three were on their way to an area ranch for a white tail deer trophy hunt that is at no cost to them.

"They're actually on a trophy buck hunt, it's a fully guided hunt. All they have to do is get here and it's on us. They're going to experience a $10,000 hunt for free. This is a small token of thanks for everything they've done for us," said Tim Schoen, chariman of the Heart of Texas Buckmasters chapter.

Buckmasters organized the hunt through the Taking Heroes Hunting project as a way of showing support for the veterans who were wounded in deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Supply Sgt. Stormy Branum of the United States Army has been overseas, and admired the community support given Friday.

"A lof of us have gone over, and we appreciate the sacrifice that they made. It makes me feel good that all the community support us in what we do, and especially them, since they gave a larger sacrifice than some," said Barnum.

The three Purple Heart recipients asked that their names not be shared, and KTXS wants to honor their privacy and respect their wishes.

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