Recent college graduates struggle to find jobs in unstable economy

H.P.U. grads talk job outlook

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Howard Payne University in Brownwood had their fall semester graduation last Saturday.

With the nation on the edge of the so called fiscal cliff, many have concerns about the economy, especially college graduates looking for jobs.

"It's definitely hard to find a job I believe, at least it was for me, and most of my friends that I talk to in college who just graduated," said Aubrey Duvall.

Aubrey Duvall, a 2012 fall semester Howard Payne University graduate, said where you apply for a job also presents challenges.

"During the summer I had to search for a job, and it was really hard, especially in the Brownwood area; it's very hard to find a job," said Duvall.

Rachel Blankenship graduated last year and has struggled finding a job.

"I know the economy is definitely taking a hit because I applied to a job recently and they contacted me back and they were like 'because we just had to shut down one of our houses, we are on a hiring freeze,'" said Blankenship.

Today's technology limits actual interaction with employers for job seekers.

"I've been applying to jobs online, and that's been really hard because the only interaction you have with people is through e-mail," said Blankenship.

One common saying about landing a job still seems to hold some truth to new job seekers today.

"It's all about the people you know," said Blankenship.

There were 96 2012 fall semester graduates from Howard Payne University.

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