RV PARK KILLINGS: 'Witness shooter' recounts shootout with gunman who killed two in Early

EARLY, Texas - During Sunday afternoon's shooting that left three dead at the Peach House RV Park in Early, Vic Stacy assisted officers in shooting alleged gunman Charles Conner.

Police said Conner shot and killed David Michael House, 58, and Iris Valentina Martinez Calaci, 53, over an argument the three reportedly had over the couple's two dogs. Conner, 58, was shot and was killed after also allegedly gunning down the couple's dogs.

On Wednesday, Stacy recounted Sunday's frightening events.

Stacy said he was enjoying a movie on what seemed to be a typical Sunday afternoon, when he heard gunshots outside. Moments later, Stacy received a phone call that turned him into what many would call a hero.

When Stacy answered a phone call from neighbor, he went into action.

"He said, 'You need to get over here quick, and bring your gun, I got a dead body laying over here in the road,' " Stacy said.

Stacy grabbed his .357 magnum and headed to his neighbor's RV.

"I could see Charlie, the gunman, come out of his trailer, and he had a riffle in his hand with a scope on it," said Stacy.

As Stacy was positioning himself in front of Brown's RV, he could see Calaci's body lying in a pool of blood.

Early Police Sgt. Steven Means was the first on the scene, and Conner immediately began shooting at him, Stacy said.

After his neighbor asked him if he was going to shoot at Conner, Stacy recalled saying, "I sure am when I get a good shot."

Stacy fired at Conner and hit him in the thigh, knocking Conner to the ground. Still alive, Conner fired another round back at him, Stacy said, noting he then fire four more rounds at Conner.

"The officer hit him, I think, in the shoulder one time and just barely grazed his rib cage, I think, on the left side," Stacy said.

Conner was no longer moving, Stacy said, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Brown County Sheriff Bobby Grubbs said the outcome could have been a lot different if Stacy hadn't had his gun and the presence of mind to do what he did Sunday afternoon.

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