Safety on street in front of Brownwood juvenile facility to increase with new traffic light

TxDot installing new crossing light at Brownwood juvenile center

BROWNWOOD, Texas - A project to enhance safety began to see the light Wednesday morning.

The Ron Jackson State Juvenile Correctional Complex teamed up with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) to install a crossing signal on the crosswalk between the juvenile center and the parking lot.

"It's a flashing yellow beacon and it's a warning light," TxDot's director of operations Carl Johnson said. "So the lights just flash for the drivers to see that something's happening and they need to be aware for pedestrians."

It is not a stop sign for drivers, but they need to slow down when they see the flashes down the road.

The Ron Jackson unit's training specialist Buddy Vaughn said he wanted to install a crossing signal ever since a fatality occurred there. Several years ago, a coworker was crossing the street at night when he was hit and killed by a vehicle. The center planted a tree and built a small memorial in his honor.

"It was devastating for our campus when that happened," Vaughn said. "It's been in my mind to bring awareness, not only to our staff, but also our volunteers and our visitors. It's imperative to ensure safety when they're crossing the road."

Johnson said this will be beneficial especially to those who get off duty at night.

The crossing signal, which was paid for by TxDot, costs $2,500.

Vaughn said everyone should remember the advice they often give to kids: look both ways before you cross the street.

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