Santa Anna residents fight to save local lake

Santa Anna residents work to prevent closure of area lake

SANTA ANNA, Texas - Many Santa Anna residents have a sinking feeling about the future of Lake Sealy.

City officials have closed the lake and put up barriers around it. They plan to lease it to a private landowner. Santa Anna resident Earl Ellis has been organizing an effort to prevent that from happening. He said he has not seen any signed lease agreement that allows city officials to do so.  

"They haven't talked to anybody about this. I think they should've had a general consensus of what we should do with this property through the people of Santa Anna," Ellis said.

Lake Sealy, built and commissioned in the early 1940's, is popular for recreational fishing.

"This is where I learned to fish. I have a son now and I want to teach him some tricks," Thomas Beloat said. "This is where I find my peace."

According to the Santa Anna Economic Development Corporation, the lake does not supply any water nor revenue for the city.

Santa Anna's city council held a meeting Monday at 5p.m. and decided to lease the lake.

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