State citations issued by HPU officers now prosecuted in Brownwood Municipal Court

Howard Payne campus violations now handled in city court

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Howard Payne University in Brownwood is changing the way more serious matters are prosecuted.

They will be prosecuted in Brownwood Municipal Court rather than Justice of the Peace Court.

Brownwood City Council members approved the mutual aid agreement between the city and Howard Payne University in Tuesday's council meeting.

Howard Payne University officers write your typical campus parking ticket, but also give state citations.

"On occasion it does happen where someone commits a serious traffic violation right in front of one of our officers where they're compelled to respond," said HPU's Dept. of Public Safety Chief Paul Lilly.

The new mutual aid agreement allows the city to handle those violations in municipal court.

"We rarely will write a citation in their court, it would have to be a serious aggravated situation, otherwise we just take care of matters in house on campus," said Lilly.

State citations were prosecuted elsewhere before the agreement.

"We had to file it in Justice of the Peace Court, and they're busy enough as it is," said Lilly.

Lilly said prosecuting state citations in municipal court is more convenient for everyone involved.

The city and HPU will split the revenue from the citations.

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