'Texas Snakeman' Jackie Bibby recovering, ready for next Rattlesnake Round Up

Jackie Bibby recovering after snakebite

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Known as the "Texas Snakeman," Jackie Bibby is recovering after a bad snake bite.

Bibby was released from the hospital on Monday and was back to work on Tuesday.

Not even his 12th snake bite – or a previous one that resulted in him losing a leg – can stop this Rising Star native.

"Just a freak accident which can happen when you're dealing with animals because they don't follow a script. This snake just stretched out and was able to reach me and struck me in the stomach," Bibby said.

Bibby was preparing for the Brownwood Rattlesnake Round Up on Friday when he got bit.

"I was in Brownwood this year, but I wasn't at the coliseum!" said Bibby.

Instead he was at Brownwood Regional Medical Center recovering.

"I received quite a bit of anti-venom and luckily was two days in ICU and one day in regular hospital population," Bibby said.

Now that he's out, don't think for a second this Rising Star native is hanging up his hat on the rattlesnakes. Even though they've cost him a leg, money, and some serious pain, handling snakes is his passion.

"I guess if I could get the same amount of attention, money, and fame from handling rabbits, I'd handle rabbits!" said Bibby.

Bibby plans on being at the Brownwood Rattlesnake Round Up next year, but this weekend he will be in Big Spring for their round up.


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