Tree seedlings being sold in Brownwood for beauty, as protection from strong winds

Brownwood program encourages you to plant trees

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Having a green thumb can be good for your home in more ways than one.

Certain types of Evergreen trees add beauty to your home, as well as protection from strong winds.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service office in Brownwood is selling seedlings for two types of Evergreen trees – Afghanistan Pine and Bareroot – as part of the 2014 Windbreak Seedling Program.

"A true windbreak is to put a line of trees to inhibit the wind, which will benefit the home owner in ways of warmth," said Ricky Marks, soil conservationist. "It helps reduce electricity use and keeps the cold wind off."

Marks said the seedlings are typically planted and grown in the countryside. You'll want to plant them immediately otherwise they will dry up. You'll also want to plant at least two rows of trees for the greatest wind protection.

Each tree will require about five to eight gallons of water per week.

Although there's a need for them during winter, Marks said the trees can be beneficial during spring as well to combat March winds.

The last day to order seedlings is Feb. 13. It costs $3 for a bundle of 25 Evergreen seedlings and $2 for a bundle of 25 Bareroot seedlings. You can place your order at the office at 2608B HWY 377 South in Brownwood or you can call (325) 643-1587.

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