"Trust the Flush" tour comes to Brownwood

Kohler donates low flow toilets for Brownwood City Hall

BROWNWOOD, Texas - On Wendesday, Kohler's 'Trust the Flush' bus tour came to Brownwood's city hall parking lot bearing gifts. Kohler donated 10 commodes and 4 urinals to the building. 

These toilets use 1.28 gallons per flush and will replace the ones currently in the city hall building that use 3 to 5 gallons per flush. 

"Kohler has always been a great community partner to Brownwood," said Mayor of Brownwood, Stephen Haynes, "It's a very generous offer by them and we certainly are happy to accept it and retrofit our bathrooms at city hall."

This donation is valued at $5,332.70. Kohler also made a donation to the Lyric Theatre in June which valued at $7,469.90. This included nine sinks, nine faucets, four urinals and eight toilets. 

"We hope it will help promote a long and great future of continuing to get some of the other city facilities upgraded with high efficiency fixtures to help combat the drought conditions that were currently fighting," said plant manager Scott Schaetz.

The bus is now on it's way to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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