Two runaway teens captured after aerial and ground search.

BROWNWOOD, Texas - Update 7:43 p.m. Monday:  Per Capt. Tony Aaron of the  Brown Co. Sheriff's Office, investigators have caught two missing teens in Albany. The pair were  believed to be in a stolen vehicle.


Monday, authorities searched for two teenagers who ran away from the New Horizons Ranch in Mills County on Thursday.

Investigators believe they could be hiding out in Brownwood and may be on their way toward Abilene.

16-year-old Matthew Wilkins and 14-year-old Brandon Cooper ran away from the New Horizons Ranch near Goldthwaite.

The teens are suspected of stealing an all terrain vehicle and a rifle from the facility when they escaped.

"We just wanted all the citizens to be aware of what's going on, and although they are young boys, juveniles, they need to take precautions if they come across them," said Tony Aaron Brown County Sheriff's Office.

James WIlkins, Matthew Wilkins father, said he doesn't believe his son will harm anyone.

"Matthew's not a violent kid; I'm worried that if he points that gun in the wrong  way, they're not going to know my son like I know him- I would rather be the one to find him so he doesn't get shot himself," said Wilkins.

The Brown County Sheriff's Office believe the boys broke into the Country Stop store on Highway 279 early Monday morning.

Tony Aaron Captain of Operations said a gun shot may have been what blasted the glass door open.

The break in prompted a ground and aerial search off of Highway 279 and FM 2632.

The boys have not yet been found.

"I believe Matthew is hiding out; Matthew's no stranger to the country, I just hope we find him before he gets himself in a bind," said Wilkins.

The search is still going on, and so far authorities have located a second ATV just north of Brownwood that they said was stolen by the teens.

It's believed the teens still have the rifle.

New Horizons Ranch provides counseling programs for abused and traumatized children, as well as at-risk youth.

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