Weather fluctuations have an impact on your health

Keeping your health in the cold


Lately, temperatures in Brownwood have been jumping back and forth from hot and cold.

KTXS News spoke with health experts in Brownwood on how the constant changes in weather have impacts on people's health.

Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) Donna Miller works at the Brown County Health Department. She said the weather does not cause the common cold or flu virus, but it is still a big reason why some people are getting sick.

"In the cold, you're in a confined environment more," Miller said. "I think you're more able to come across flu and cold viruses because you're in closer proximity with people."

Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT) allergist Dr. Kimi Dart said many health issues arise because of the inconsistency. 

"I've seen more chronic perennial allergies, meaning they're having allergies year-round because we don't see a definitive season cutoff," Dr. Dart said. "Around this time, patients with allergies and asthma are a big concern because the cold air can trigger and shock the airway, which causes difficulty breathing and that's when they'll need their inhalers."

Leslie Oldengarm said the dramatic changes in temperature has had a negative effect on her body. 

"I just feel really tired and worn out all the time. I'm really glad it's not wet or rainy, but definitely with the changes my body feels tired," Oldengarm said.

Dr. Dart advised that if you are staying warm indoors, remember to limit your exposure to those around you who are sick. The air can tend to be dry in doors, so if you use a humidifier, make sure the setting is at 50% or below to avoid getting dust and mold built up. She said it is also important to keep the air filters on your heaters clean. Both she and Miller said washing hands and dressing appropriately for the weather are also good to keep in mind.

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